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P.R. Garcia grew up in rural Michigan and is the youngest of three. She became a lover of Science Fiction at an early age when her parents took her to the movies. She and her dog spent many days in the fields fighting aliens and investigating new planets. Her love continued to grow and in high school the series Star Trek hit television, boosting her fascination with what might be out there. Her friends still comment on how she skipped the footballs games to stay home and watch each episode. After she retired, she worked five years as a guide on the Whale Watching Boats in San Diego, California.

Ms. Garcia is the author of the Europa Saga. It is a tantalizing, six-part sci-fi series of intrigue, suspense, and mystery. It is a retelling of who the Atlanteans were, how they arrived on Earth, and what happened to them. Told through the eyes of at twenty-year-old human female named Europa, she learns upon her mother’s assassination she was never meant to be human. She was supposed to be the next leader of the Oonock race of aquatic beings from Jupiter’s ice moon, Europa. With the help of ancient Orbs, she is transformed into the Oonock she was destined to be, ends a six-thousand-year-old battle and unites her people into a great nation once more.

Global warming, deforestation, pollution of our air and water, species loss, and Earth itself are all subjects dear to Ms. Garcia’s heart. The three-book sub-series in the Europa Saga about Europa’s son, Prince E.J., deals with corporate corruption and their destruction of our planet. Her book Extinction 2038 also deals with these subjects, except this time, global warming has caused the re-release of the original strain of the Ebola virus and is destroying animal life across the planet.  If you’d like information on ways you can help global warm and the other topics, sign up for her newsletter here:  Ms. Garcia also writes children’s books. A Cat for William is about a stray cat who helps a man cope with a disabling disease. Coming Christmas, 2020, two more children’s books will be released: The Story of Sudan: The Last Northern White Male Rhino and The Christmas Crayons, a story about a homeless boy who finds happiness in a box of crayons.

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4 thoughts on “P. R. Garcia

    1. Thanks, Mitchell. I need to post more often. I post a lot about whales and environmental issues on by FB page https://www.facebook.com/EuropaSeries/ I’m just learning WordPress, so I’m a little slower. I had a great site on GoDaddy, but they discontinued the forum I was using, so had to switch. I’m also working on a second website devoted to just the Europa series.


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