The Europa Saga

The first six books center around Europa.

The next three books tells the story of her son, Prince Enok

The final book, book 10, tells the story of Prince Enok’s twin daughters.

After Book 10 are the new covers I have been working on. I hope to have the first six books redone by the end of 2020.

Take the Journey – Learn what happened to the Atlantians.

What is the Europa Saga?

Six thousand years ago, the Oonocks left their beautiful, lilac color speckled waters of the moon Europa, to begin a new life on Earth.  When their enemy, JeffRa, follows the, the Oonocks sink their city in a blaze of fire and smoke to the bottom of the ocean.  There they remain, hidden from JeffRa and the human race, only the legend of their golden city remaining in the words of Plato in the tale of Atlantis.

Europa is a soon to be twenty year old female who has never heard of the Oonocks or the fact that they still exist in our oceans’ depths.  Nor does she have any idea that her mother is the queen of this noble, aquatic race.  But that all changes the day JeffRa returns and assassinates her mother, believing she is Europa.  She discovers a secret attic and her mother’s diary, which states Europa would be born human and never know her true identity.  Travel with Europa as she flees before JeffRa, trying to uncover her true identity, crying as she loses almost everyone and everything she loves, rejoicing over the queen she becomes. 

The Europa Saga

She was never meant to be human.

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